Magento Company India – Why to prefer for your ecommerce site?

Ecommerce sites need a perfect platform for it to function smooth. There are many such platforms that are currently running in IT world to support the ecommerce portals. Which one among them is the best and the perfect one for your company is the point of discussion. The Magento Company Delhi, BETA SOFT technology manages to create a niche position for itself Magento development sector. This is the company which is considered as one of the best in terms of acquisition, in terms of popularity and also in terms of faith. There are three things that you need from an ecommerce platform. The first is the openness, with much flexibility. The second is the option to modify almost everything and the third one is definitely security. All the things are there in Magneto and that is the reason why it holds 30% of the share of all the ecommerce platforms. Here are some of the attributes of Magneto, for which it is preferred by most. magento-ecommerce1

Service offered by Magneto

The best service offered by Magneto is:

  • A complete integration of inventory management in the site

  • Customizable gadgets in the site with complete facilities

  • Secured site support

  • Integration of Discounts and Payment gateways

  • SEO support

  • Responsiveness of website

Now go to details of the Magento supports:

Trusted eCommerce software and platform

The first factor that puts Magneto at the top is not the affordable price of it. It is not only affordable, but also is the best. You will find that the top companies like Nike, Ford or Samsung are using this platform, for their ecommerce presentation. They will not be looking at the cheap rate of the site, but they will look at the best service and the perfect security. So in both the senses, Magento Developers India are the best as Magento being trusted eCommerce software and platform is preferred by world’s leading brands. So they are often selected by the top companies. Not only the top companies, but the smaller ones too use this platform, for the security issue.


Get a complete customization support

The second thing that is perfect in Magneto is the portability of the functioning. You will note that the system of Magneto is best among all, when the site editing option is considered. If you have the experience, you know it better that all that almost everything in the site can be customized and the customization is quite easy for the engineers. A complete access to the tools and the plugins make the operation easy for the site operators.

Responsive website is ready for you

After the easy to operate factor and the security issue, there is the responsive factor too. Responsive website is more important than that of an app. All the designs, themes and supports, availed by magneto are responsive. So, the ecommerce site will have to be created for the computer and that will be ready for use in all the devices, including the smartphones.


Add products and discounts

Add any product to the list and control the inventory from one point. This is another support that you will get from Magento Company India. Apart from the inventory management tools and options, you will also get the best support of availing the discounts in the sites. The DBMS support with MYSQL is going to give you access to the huge space, which can hold the discount codes and other discount options. So integrate them with the inbuilt payment gateway option and then go for the right support. When you have the payment options, discount facilities and inventory management option customized in the ecommerce site of yours, there remains nothing left in the site, for you to get.


Get inbuilt SEO support

The final thing that you need is some of the SEO options. This includes the organic options and the inorganic options too. You can add the blogs and also go for the SEO support through the different forms and subscription formats. This will be doing the needful for you and with the help of that, you can place your ecommerce site directly on to the market, open for your customers.

Magneto is one of the top support providers in case of an ecommerce site. They are built with all the optimized features, although you can customize almost every parts of it. Now that you are having a complete support from one single platform, why will you go for other platforms, where other plugins are required for you? This is the reason for preference of users in magneto and this is the reason why Magneto is holding a market more than 30%. They are not the cheapest at all, but they provide the service, which is complete and secured in all sense. The choice of the big companies for magneto is a perfect proof for that.